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MultiScatter EN CN x86 x64

MultiScatter 1.1.09c

MultiScatter v1.2.0.12 x64 for max2013 & 2014

MultiScatter v1.2.0.12 x64 for max2013 & 2014 only for VRay3

MultiScatter_1.2.0.12(2014_64bit) VR3 chinese

Multiscatter for 3ds Max 2011 - 2013 - Win64

MultiScatter_1.2.0.3(2014_64bit)_setup_reconditeness 汉化版

MultiScatter x64 for max2013 & 2014

MultiScatter x64 for Vray 3.0 max 2010-2014

MultiScatter For 3dsmax -

MultiScatter v1.085 (latest Sep 21, 2018) For 3ds Max (2010 - 2019)

Multiscatter 1.091 for Vray 3.6 (2014-2020) & Next (2016-2020)

MultiScatter 1.615 for 3dsMax2016-2021

MultiScatter 1.615 for 3dsMax 2021-2016

MultiScatter 1.618 for 3dsMax 2021-2018

MultiScatter 1.623 for 3ds Max 2021 - 2022 Win x64


 MultiScatter 是一款全新的运行在 3dsMax 的强大的大型场景渲染插件,它也能够与 Vray 兼容一起使用,同时也能够支持 Mental Ray 的渲染操作,并且还能支持多核处理。


MultiScatter is a new product, based on VRayScatter technology its designed to work not only with V-Ray but with Mental Ray too.

New in MultiScatter: multi-core  processing support! It uses all  available CPU cores and therefore runs  much quicker than VRayScatter  which can only use one CPU core. And more!

MultiScatter allows VRay and Mentalray to generate huge amount of objects in array.


The support for 64-bit systems allows MultiScatter to create and submit   for render, for example, forest or even a city in a blink of an eye.

Quick render time generation of objects with optimized RAM management makes process of scene creation as easy as ABC.

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