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Node Preview 1.2 Blender 2.8x-2.92 win mac linux

Node Preview 1.4



This addon displays rendered thumbnails above Cycles shader nodes.


For each node, a preview thumbnail is rendered

On edits, all affected nodes are automatically updated

Previews are rendered in a background thread, so the Blender interface stays fluid and responsive at all times

No changes are made to the .blend, others without the addon can still open your scenes without problems

High-resolution displays supported (works with Blender's resolution scale feature)


Only Cycles nodes are supported. Previews are not generated for special Eevee nodes like "Shader to RGB", or for nodes from other render engines. However, Eevee is compatible with almost all Cycles nodes, so the addon can still be useful even if you render with Eevee

To show previews for packed images, the .blend file has to be saved to disk first, because they are loaded through linking from the .blend file

Thumbnails of image sequences are not updated when changing frames

Open Shading Language script nodes are currently not supported

IES nodes are currently not supported

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